Finding The Right Ford Extended Warranty

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Sooner or later your Ford vehicle is going to need repairs and this is the time that having a Ford Extended Warranty plan can come very handy. These days, many people are searching for Ford extended warranties in order to have a peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is covered in case of breakdown, and that they will be covered against unexpected charges. There are two ways of getting the coverage. First approach is buying the plan directly from Ford’s certified dealerships. Second way is buying Ford extended service plan from one of many independent warranty providers.


Where to buy Ford extended warranties?


Buying from dealerships

One of the ways to buy an extended Ford warranty is through Ford dealerships (also known as Ford ESP warranty). Even if you did not buy a vehicle in that particular dealership, you will probably be able to extend your Ford warranty never the less. If you are the original owner of the vehicle, you might get more choices.


Independent Ford extended auto warranty providers

You can get even more options by looking into numerable independent providers of Ford warranties. Sometimes you will find high variety of options included and might be even more affordable, as you might choose only those repairs that you need.


Types of Ford Extended Warranty Plans

Types of extended warranties vary greatly. The basic kind of warranty is power train warranty which covers only basic items needed for the car to run. The most comprehensive kind of warranty is usually called bumper-to-bumper warranty, as it applies that your vehicle will be covered completely, from bumper to bumper. You should keep in mind that it is not often complete warranty as even the most comprehensive warranties will often not cover particular items, which will then be put into an exclusionary list.


Most Ford extended car warranty plans are somewhere in between those two ends. Each plan will have a list of parts covered. In plans that lean towards bumper-to-bumper warranty customer will most often find exclusionary, as such comprehensive plans will have more covered items than items that are not covered, which will make the list shorter.


How to weight your options?

If you have decided to look into independent Ford extended warrenty providers, you should examine them carefully and read the terms of the contract in as much detail as possible.


Internet offers many ways to examine Ford extended warranty pricing and choose the most suitable plan from one of many independent providers. You can take some time and examine them from the comfort of your home. Many of the extended warranty companies are offering comprehensive coverage options with the affordable price. You should also check if the company has your car model covered, and also check if they are available in your state. Most are, but there are always exceptions.


Assessing your repair needs

In order to get the most out of extended Ford warranty, you will need to asses you repair needs. You can do this most efficiently by asking the people who have the same type of Ford as you do to tell you what are the most frequent repairs that they have, and then look for the Ford extended warranties that cover most or all of items that will most likely need a repair.


You can also get your vehicle appraised to see how reliable will vehicle be in the future, and what will be its most probable repair needs, which parts are most likely to happen. When looking at extended auto warranty reviews, you should look for the warranties that will cover those parts.


Reputation of extended warranty company

Companies that you are planning on purchasing your Ford extended warranty coverage will have to be reputable and financially stable. Although most of the extended warranty companies are honorable one that will honor all the repairs as agreed, you should nevertheless make sure that you are not falling for a scam and not having your vehicle backed up when the need arises.


You can make a background check of the companies that you are considering in purchasing your warranty from, and get their credit ranking checked. You can do this through the ranking agencies such as Standard and Poor’s. If you find out that they are ranked well, it will mean that you can rely on them that they will most likely honor the warranty terms.  It is better to be careful before, than to regret later.


Have a Ford Warranty selection criteria

Having selection criteria can help you to get the maximum out of Ford extended warranty coverage.

In order to find the best one, you should look into companies that are offering Ford extend warranty and make a list of the most reputable ones. Next you can do is visiting their websites to see what kind of deals they are offering. Often they will offer you extended warranty quote which will come useful in comparing available choices.


Getting the quotes and comparing the plans

In order to get the quote you will need to enter your car details and they will make an offer based on the information that you have provided. Make sure they have a privacy policy posted on their site. When you enter your info you will soon get the offer from that company. Then you can do the same with other companies that you are considering getting the Ford extended warranty from in order to get several quotes which will give you wide selection.


Next you should do is comparing the offers to find out which one is the best for your repair needs, based on your selection criteria. You should, as possible, compare as much different providers as possible before settling with the final one. That way will be surer that you are receiving the most coverage for the reasonable price.


You should examine the contract carefully

Having your Ford covered for repairs is important and is going to cost you a fair sum of money, so you should take time to compare the choices. Study the contract in as much detail as possible. Some extended warranty companies may avoid paying for some crucial parts, and often they will have it mentioned in the contract. Be sure to examine the contract as carefully as possible before you sign the deal.


If you are looking for Ford warranty information in person, don’t let the salesperson rush you into signing the contract. You should remember that getting the deal done is as important to them as it is to you, so do not let them to rush you in to signing up before you have the chance to look into details of the contract. If they can’t give their potential customers some time and space to think about it, they might not be worth doing business with.


Extra benefits and useful services

Most of extended warranty offers include additional services, sometimes caller concierge services. Buy having such services included, you will get additional benefits out of your warranty that may come very handy in the times of trouble.


It is also worth to check if the Ford extended service plan is transferable to the new owner there will be vehicle’s ownership change. If particular coverage is transferable, it may come handy if you decide to sell your vehicle. Potential new owners will know that the vehicle has be taken care of properly, and that their new vehicle is covered and they will not need to purchase the warrantyright away, so it will make it easier to sell it.


What to avoid when searching for Ford extended warranty

Besides having selection criteria there are other things you should avoid certain stuff. There are companies that will call you telling you that your Ford’s warranty has expired, and that you need to purchase another one. You should not fall for such a cheat it is most likely that they just want to take your money. If you are not sure what the expiration date of the warranty is, you can easily look for the dates in your vehicle’s warranty to be sure when your warranty will really expire.


In a conclusion…

By having your Ford vehicle covered by extended warranty, you can be proud to yourself knowing that your vehicle is covered for expenses. By using the advices mentioned above you will be able to save money and get the right Ford extended warranty that is the most suitable your repair needs.